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Welcome to WTG Photography, where your vision meets our expertise. Based in the heart of Southeast Wisconsin, I am dedicated to capturing your most cherished moments and professional achievements, no matter where they take place. Whether it’s the natural beauty of our local landscapes or destinations beyond, I’m ready to travel to bring your photographic dreams to life.

Reaching out is just the first step in our collaborative journey. Fill out the form to tell me more about your project. I cater to a diverse range of photography needs, from commercial shoots to personal portraits, live events, and more. Once you submit your details, I’ll be in touch to discuss the specifics of your project, explore various options, and outline how I can best serve your unique needs.

Don’t have a clear vision yet? No problem! I’m here to help guide you through the process, ensuring we capture the essence of your story or brand in every shot. Let’s embark on this creative adventure together – I’m just a form submission away!

Prefer to contact me directly? Feel free to send an email to: [email protected].

Your Photography Questions Answered:
Expert Tips & Guidance

It's best to wait a few days after getting a haircut. Choose outfits with solid colors as they photograph better, avoiding patterns. For headshot sessions, remember that the focus is on you, so dress comfortably but professionally.
While this can vary, cooler and neutral tones generally work well for all skin types. Try to avoid overly bright colors like reds and burnt oranges, as they might not capture as well on camera.
If you're considering buying new clothes for the shoot, keep the tags on so you can return them afterward – unless you find a new favorite piece! Choose clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.
f you're contemplating a clean-shaven look but normally have a beard, consider bringing your shaving kit. This way, you can start with the beard and then try a clean-shaven look during the session.
If you're applying your own makeup, start minimal and add as needed throughout the session. It's easier to add more makeup than to remove it, so begin with a natural look.
A mattifying gel or blotting paper can be helpful to reduce shine, especially on your face. Keeping these on hand can help maintain a fresh look throughout the shoot.
Headshots focus on the upper body, so feel free to wear comfortable bottoms. Sweatpants, slippers, or casual wear are perfectly fine.
Confidence is key. Your headshot should reflect your professionalism and approachability. Believe in yourself – these photos represent your professional image to clients.
Absolutely! Enjoy the process and have fun. A relaxed and genuine smile makes for the best photos. If you're nervous, remember that it's a collaborative and enjoyable experience.
For other photography sessions like family portraits, events, or landscapes, the key is to be yourself and interact naturally. For events, think about the story you want to tell. In family shoots, focus on the connection and interaction with your loved ones.
As your photographer, my role extends beyond just taking pictures. I actively coach and guide you throughout the session to ensure we capture the best possible shots. Whether it's a headshot, portrait, or a specific project, I provide direction on poses, expressions, and overall demeanor to bring out your best. My goal is to create a comfortable and collaborative environment where you feel at ease to express yourself, ensuring the final images truly reflect your personality and meet your objectives.
After the photo session, I meticulously review and edit the images to ensure they meet our high standards. You can expect a private gallery of the best shots, typically available within a specified timeframe. I'll guide you through selecting your preferred images and discuss any additional editing requests. My aim is to ensure you're delighted with the final results, whether for a headshot, family portrait, or any other project. After your selection, the final, edited images will be delivered to you in a digital format, ready for printing or online use.