Transforming Moments into Art: Our Comprehensive Photography Services

In the hands of an artist, a camera is not just a tool, but a wand that transforms fleeting moments into enduring art. At WTG Photography, this is our creed. Every shot I take is a blend of precision and imagination, turning the mundane into the magnificent. With over 20 years behind the lens, I’ve honed the craft of capturing life in its myriad forms – from the grandeur of real estate to the intimacy of portraits, the dynamism of live events to the enchantment of theater and music.

Our services are a tapestry of visual stories, each woven with care and creative insight. As a professional photographer and FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot, I bring a unique perspective to every project, ensuring your vision transcends the ordinary. Whether it’s a family gathering or a corporate showcase, each photograph I deliver is a testament to the art of seeing beyond the lens.

Join me in this journey of photographic alchemy. Let’s collaborate to turn your moments into masterpieces, and your visions into visual legacies. Welcome to WTG Photography, where every click is a step towards the extraordinary.

Elevate your commercial and real estate ventures with professional photography that showcases properties and landscapes in their best light. Ideal for businesses, realtors, and landscape architects seeking high-quality visual representations.
From professional headshots to capturing the essence of families and individuals, our photography services extend to personal milestones including engagement sessions. We focus on bringing out the unique stories and connections in each portrait.
Capture the essence of your live events with our photography, ranging from the artistic realms of theater and music to the formal atmosphere of corporate events and the joyous celebrations of weddings. We specialize in encapsulating the unique atmosphere and key moments of these diverse events.
Experience a new perspective with our aerial photography and video services. Leveraging our FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone capabilities, we provide stunning aerial views perfect for commercial projects, real estate, and special events.

Commercial, Real Estate & Landscape Photography

In the realm of Commercial, Real Estate, and Landscape photography, I bring a keen eye for detail and composition that turns ordinary spaces into extraordinary visuals. My photography is not just about capturing spaces; it’s about telling the story of a location and its unique appeal.

For Small Businesses: I understand the importance of branding and how crucial it is for small businesses to stand out. My photographs aim to highlight the unique aspects of your business, showcasing your products, services, and the ambiance of your physical space.

For Real Estate Agents: In real estate, an image can be the deciding factor for potential buyers. I provide high-quality, detailed images that showcase properties at their best, highlighting key features and the beauty of the space, making your listings irresistible.

For Home Services and Repair Businesses: In the home services and repair industry, a picture is worth more than a thousand words; it’s the gateway to new opportunities. My photography helps these businesses build a compelling project portfolio that demonstrates their craftsmanship and expertise. One of our clients, a roofing company, experienced a remarkable transformation from a good year to a year fully booked, attributing their biggest contract to the persuasive power of the images on their website. High-quality visuals of completed projects can significantly influence customer decisions, turning prospects into clients.

For Entertainment Venues and Establishments: My services offer the perfect way to showcase the talent and atmosphere of your venue, providing professional imagery that captures the essence of your performers and setting.

For Communities and Vacation Destinations: My photography captures the essence of communities and vacation spots, showcasing the vibrancy and uniqueness of each location. Whether it’s highlighting local landmarks, natural beauty, or the community spirit, my photographs are designed to attract visitors and residents alike.

My approach to each project is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that every photograph not only captures a moment in time but also communicates the intended message effectively. Let’s collaborate to make your vision a reality and bring your spaces to life through the lens of my camera.

Headshots, Families, Portraiture & Engagements

Capturing personal moments and professional milestones, my photography services in headshots, family portraiture, and engagement sessions are crafted to reflect each individual’s unique personality and the essence of their relationships.

For Actors and Professionals: Elevate your professional presence with headshots that speak volumes. Whether for a portfolio, a business profile, or promotional materials, my photographs aim to bring out your character and professionalism.

For Families: Cherish your family memories with photographs that capture the warmth and love shared between you. From casual family gatherings to formal portraits, I bring out the unique dynamics of each family in beautiful, enduring images.

For Couples in Southeast Wisconsin: Experience the magic of your engagement through my lens. Southeast Wisconsin offers a stunning backdrop for couples, and my photography captures your love story set against its picturesque landscapes and charming locales.

My approach is collaborative and tailored, ensuring that each photo session is a comfortable, enjoyable experience that results in images you will treasure for years to come. Let’s capture the moments that define you and your relationships in the most authentic and beautiful way.

Live Events: Theater, Music, Corporate Events & Weddings

Specializing in live event photography, I capture the essence and energy of various gatherings, from the artistic performances in theater and music to the structured ambiance of corporate events and the emotional richness of weddings.

For Theater and Music: Capturing the vibrant essence of stage performances, my photography not only immortalizes the drama and passion of the theater and the rhythm of live music but also significantly enhances marketing efforts. Clients in the performing arts have seen a measurable increase in advertising effectiveness and ticket sales when utilizing my photos. These dynamic visuals serve as a powerful tool for advertising, social media, and promotional materials, directly contributing to heightened audience engagement and commercial success.

For Corporate Events: Professional and sleek, my corporate event photography captures the essence of your brand and the significance of your events. From conferences to company celebrations, each photograph reflects the professionalism and spirit of the occasion.

For Weddings: Your wedding day is a story waiting to be told. My photography style captures every laugh, tear, and dance, preserving the intimate and grand moments alike. The joy and love of your special day are forever encapsulated in images that speak of timeless romance.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for capturing the right moment, my photography services ensure that the heart and soul of your event are beautifully preserved. Let’s create a visual narrative that you’ll look back on for years to come.

Aerial Photography and Video

Expanding the boundaries of traditional photography, my aerial photography and video services bring a remarkable new perspective to your projects. Using advanced drone technology, I capture stunning overhead views and unique angles that ground-based photography can’t achieve.

Commercial and Real Estate Projects: Elevate your property listings or commercial projects with high-resolution aerial images and videos. These captivating perspectives offer an unparalleled view, highlighting the layout, size, and surroundings of properties in a way that truly stands out.

Events and Special Occasions: Add a dramatic flair to your events with aerial photography. From outdoor weddings to large-scale events, aerial shots capture the scale and atmosphere in an extraordinary way, providing a comprehensive view of the entire event.

Natural Landscapes and Scenic Views: Showcase the beauty of natural landscapes with sweeping aerial vistas. Ideal for tourism promotion, environmental studies, or just capturing the breathtaking beauty of nature from above.

As a FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot, I ensure that all aerial photography and videography adhere to regulations, guaranteeing not only stunning visuals but also safe and compliant operations. Let’s take your visual storytelling to new heights with breathtaking aerial imagery.